firehosetoys came to be in early 2017.  We had an idea to make a product for our own use because no one offered something suitable for a very specific task.  We needed a strong material that could hold AR500 steel practice targets, but was more resilient than metal chain, which is the most common target hanger in use today.

We decided to try firehose and purchased our first 100′ roll.  We soon learned that firehose was tough stuff and would perform the task, but we were going to need some special tooling.  The stuff they sell at the big orange box store was not up to the task. With some trial and error, and a few more errors, and a misshapen dog toy, we finished the first batch.

After taking what we needed for our use, we had 30 sets of  hangers leftover.  We put them up on eBay and were surprised that we were sold out in 2 weeks.  It was a really good feeling to have made a product that people wanted.  The feedback was positive and informative, and we realized there was still more to do to really make this first product perfect.

During that first run, our Weimaraner, Graycee, decided she wanted to play with one of the large pieces of scrap, and went bananas running around with this thing.  We’re talking full tail tuck, full speed ahead type craziness, but didn’t think too much about it.  A little while later, when we were working on this site, some friends mentioned that we should make dog toys as well.  We are currently working on sewing squeakers and other items in the hose to develop products Graycee will love, and she has volunteered to test everything we make.

7 months in and we’ve invested in better, more accurate tooling, a variety of different hose materials, and am always looking to expand the product offerings.

We are a small operation and I still handle every piece of material through the process.  We’re happy to work with customers who need custom length orders, so if you have questions or want me to make something custom for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I appreciate your business.

Ryan Hall