Are these toys safe for my pet?

We get this question quite a bit.  And as a dog lover, it wasn’t enough for me to tell you that my dogs have had toys made out of fire hose for years and have yet to have an issue.  We decided to engage a company here in Texas to analyze our toys and show the results.  The caveat to the test was that we excluded the choking hazard of the squeakers, because that hazard exists with ANY toy that contains one, but we did have them test the material used in them.  You can see the results of that lab test here.

These pet toys were designed to allow for chewing, chasing, and tossing without fear of materials harming your beloved pet. Now our dogs may be a bit clumsy, and one in particular likes to run around with the Frisbee blocking here eyes…  and she runs into stuff…  As far as the fire hose, after I make the cuts, I wash the material to remove as much dirt and marking as I can, and then assemble the toy based on our designs.  We have already heard that the human handles sometimes come under abuse by certain dogs, and we can’t do anything about that, but the fire hose portion is really strong and meant for tough doggies.  If you aren’t satisfied, contact me.

What material do you use for your products?

Our products are constructed from de-comissioned fire hose and vary per product.

All dog toys are softer cloth shell rubber lined fire hose.

White hangers are made with the same material as the dog togs. Yellow hangers are constructed from a more rigid cloth shell rubber fire hose.

Wrap hangers are an industrial strength with thick rubber both on the outside of standard fire hose and on the interior.  The jafflite wrap around hangers are never used as dog toys…  The rubber outer shell will shred if a dog were to chew on that, but it’s one hell of a tough hanger!!!

Where do you get the fire hose from?

All decomissioned fire hose is obtained from domestic suppliers who supply stock from commercial buildings, apartments, fire department, training facilities, and such.

Why doesn't my new hanger or toy look new?

All of our products are made from reclaimed fire hose that businesses and fire departments have disposed of. We recognized this old hose still had a lot of life in it. All the smudges and product stamps make each piece unique.

Do you guarantee your product?

We offer a warranty on workmanship of our product; seams, grommets, and measurements.

Although we are confident our product is durable, every pet is unique in their play habits.  If your dog is good to ‘cutting’ and goes for the rope handle right off the bat, we can’t do anything about that except point you to the local big box store, but the hose itself does hold up well against the toughest of players

Hangers are designed to perform despite a missed shot, but are not targets themselves and cannot sustain repeated misuse.  Jafflite hoses are the toughest we make, and as seen here, I tried to destroy one and failed.

How do you test your product quality?

Not all of our design ideas make it past prototype stage.

Hangers are field tested for stress and missed-shot durability.

Pet toys are put through durability test for hours with large notorious chewers (weimaraner, bulldog, saint bernard, labs, etc). We also note maintained interest of the toys with these dogs. If the QC squad isn’t showing much love to the toy, we’ll tweak the design until they approve.

Can you make other custom toys, hangers, or strapping?

Absolutely!  Please send us an email request and we’ll review the idea with you.  Half of what we have here was a “I wonder if this would work” and suddenly we have the dogs playing with something.

When will I get my order?

Orders typically ship out 24-48 hours from payment processing. You will receive a shipping notification email when your order has been processed for delivery.  If the item you select is on back order, we will still take your order, it will just take a few days to make that one product.  We promise to have products built out within 3 days of receiving a back ordered item.






Out of stock items will be shipped as soon as inventory becomes available. You will then receive the shipping notification email.

Custom orders will recieve direct communication regarding estimated production times prior to the shipping notification email.

Why should I sign up for the newsletter?

The periodic newsletter highlights new products being added to our inventory, where you can visit us in person, and occasionally contains valuable coupons.

And we’re also fun people, so why wouldn’t you want to receive email from us?