12″ Fire Hose Hanger for AR500 Steel Targets White


These are the shorter 12″ hangers, overall length is 12″, grommet length is 10.5″ using 11/16th grommets. They come in white or yellow with the option to have stitching added to reinforce the hose by the grommets.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × .5 in

White, Yellow


No, Yes


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We start off with 100′ fire hose and then work down from there


The hoses need to be punched before the grommet can be set.


We use 2 different sized grommets and each has it’s own cutting die

#5.5 Grommets

The #5.5 grommets are black oxide and 11/16″ across.  These are used on the non jafflite hangers

#5 Grommets

The #5 grommets are nickel plated 5/8″ across and use spur washers.  These are used on jafflite hangers only.


We sew each item by hand using a heavy duty machine and a poly thread used to make and repair sailboat sails.


Stitching reduces the movement inside the hose on impact, reinforcing the grommet.

Front View

Here is what they look like attached on a single gong

Rear View

And here’s the same gong from the rear.

These are the shorter 12″ hangers that are sold individually.  You can hang then from the front or back of whatever type of cross member you are using.  When you order more than 1, I will match pairs and have them bound with rubber bands to make sure your double hangers will stay level.


You can choose between white and yellow fire hose, both colors are the same style hose regarding material weight, psi etc when they were used for fighting fires.  The yellow fire hose is slightly stiffer than the white, but there is no difference when they are attached to a plate.
The stitching option reduces the frictional forces that can cause the grommets to eventually pull out of the hose.  The grommets are holding a tube closed.  If the tube is hit by a stray, the front and back material can shift, pulling one side away from the grommet.  The stitching reduces stress to the grommet by holding the front and back together, taking that stress off the grommet.


Our products are made out of decommissioned firehose.  Each hose is unique and have a variety of wear and lettering.

Hand Made

We cut, sew, punch, and assemble every item by hand in our workshop.


Since each piece is hand made, we can see if something is wrong and send it back to the rework pile.  We reuse everything, either as test material for the sewing machine or to create the brand labels that ship with your order.
Backorders and Time to Delivery
All of our products have the option for back order.  If you choose a back order item, that just means we need to make more of that product.  That typically takes 3 days to get the inventory built back up and in the system.  We will email you with a shipping date once we have your order or you can contact us if you’d like to find out about current lead times