Single Knot Tug and Squeak


These tug and squeak toys are similar to the double knot, but they have a single knot close to the handle and 2 arms for your doggie.  You can get this one with bellowed squeakers in the arm (4 total) or you can get them without any squeakers and it’s just a fun tug toy.  You can also choose the color of the handle.  There are multiple seams to make it more durable, hold the toys in place, and to ensure the knots don’t come undone.

The product images show black thread, but the actual toy you receive will have white thread that blends in with the fire hose.

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Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 1 in
Rope Color

Red, Blue


Yes(4), No


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We start off with 100′ fire hose and then work down from there


We sew each item by hand using a heavy duty machine and a poly thread used to make and repair sailboat sails.


The 3/8 rope used on our handles


Stitching reinforces the hose, secures knots, and creates pockets for squeakers


We purchase squeakers from this company, here is a pic of the bellowed squeaker

This was our first tug.  We tried stuffing it with the large squeaker the legs stuck out like a stick man, so we decided to keep this one and just double up the bellowed squeakers.


You can choose red or blue for the human handle.
Many of the images show black thread on the dog toys.  Your product will arrive with white thread, we just use black for the product images so you can see all the work that goes into our creations.


Our products are made out of decommissioned firehose.  Each hose is unique and have a variety of wear and lettering.

Hand Made

We cut, sew, punch, and assemble every item by hand in our workshop.


Since each piece is hand made, we can see if something is wrong and send it back to the rework pile.  We reuse everything, either as test material for the sewing machine or to create the brand labels that ship with your order.
Backorders and Time to Delivery
All of our products have the option for back order.  If you choose a back order item, that just means we need to make more of that product.  That typically takes 3 days to get the inventory built back up and in the system.  We will email you with a shipping date once we have your order or you can contact us if you’d like to find out about current lead times